xWeasel needs your help!
Some people may think that xWeasel is a full-time project run by a number of people making a remarkable profit. But actually, xWeasel is a spare time project developed and administrated by only one person. One of the most important policies that I'm trying to maintain is keeping everything pure, simple, clean and free for everyone.

These days everyone is trying to make money out of anything by creating websites with lots of advertising and annoying pop-up windows. Unfortunately, there are only a few people trying to make a difference. One of these people is the creator and former admin of IRCKlipper who had to cancel his project due to the immense server costs, which made it impossible for him to continue running the website after all. Nevertheless, he provided his source code afterwards so other people could make use of it. So thanks to his kindness I could carry out the xWeasel search engine based on his source code which I have changed and improved significantly all along.

However, the xWeasel Download Client is something I've been working on since many years. Long before the xWeasel Search Engine existed. It took me a lot of time and effort to make it what it is today. But now, only you can define what it will be tomorrow.
So if you enjoy using xWeasel, please make a difference and assure the future of this project. Every penny counts. Thank you!

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