Download Client Features
One Click Downloading

Downloading with xWeasel is as simple as it gets. The xWeasel Download Client supports xdcc:// links to allow one click downloading. Downloads are automatically loaded into the client when clicking a download link in your web browser. If your client is configured correctly, no further steps are required and the download will start immediately.
Download Resuming

xWeasel supports resuming of incomplete files. Sometimes downloads can't be completed within a single session because you may lose your internet connection, a bot disconnects or you simply exit the program during an active download session. xWeasel detects incomplete files and continues downloading the next time the file gets requested. Moreover, it automatically rerequests failed downloads after a short period of time.
Bot Joining Detection

In case you request a pack from an offline bot, there is no need to manually request it over and over again. xWeasel automatically detects joining bots and request the appropriate packs. Unlike other automated IRC clients xWeasel does not flood channels with repetitive file requests.
Instant Media Preview

You can easily preview media files by implementing VLC Player or any other media player that supports playback of incomplete files. xWeasel has a built in option to instantly open any download with the media player specified. You can manually specify the path to your media player using the preferences dialog to activate this feature.